The Sun rises each day, reminding us that everything begins anew, that the canvas becomes blank again so that we can begin to create.

Our blank canvas is an homage to that rising sun and to the country it represents, Japan. And to fill a canvas, we need colors, thousands of colors, which are none other than the Nippon culture, its tradition, its eagerness to constantly reinvent itself and challenge limits in order to open new horizons, its way of facing each new day, always looking ahead but never forgetting the path that came before…

With this palette of colors, we have created the volume which you have in your hands: Clank! Magazine.

Clank! is the piece of the puzzle we were missing to complete a vision, that idea that suddenly materializes and makes everything make sense. It takes the form of a magazine and opens up a new universe for us, which is added to the others that we have already visited and which have led us to this point.

Clank! is what resonates in your mind, what makes you conscious of the moment, awakening the senses, provoking emotions and stimulating thought.

Clank! sounds, and suddenly, everything is possible and everything has its place.

Clank! is art in all of its disciplines and a meeting ground in which all of them can come, meld and interact with one another.

Clank! is an onomatopoeia that could settle for being just noise, but which strives to transcend the mere physical and sound forcefully inside us.

We’re sure that Clank! resounds relentlessly in each corner of this marvelous place in order to become what it is. And the echo of that sound, in the country that awakens before all others, alerts the rest of us and welcomes us to a new day.

We are now part of that sound. Welcome to Clank!

Mario & Macarro